George Hatzimanolis

SpecialityCo-Founder & Managing Director, Repurpose It
Passion is a key ingredient in the endeavour for sustainability and the preservation of the Earth’s resources, and George has utilised his to position Repurpose It as a leader in Australia’s recycling sector. After over a decade in the road maintenance industry, George, and partners, founded Repurpose It in 2017, with a huge mission, to transition Australia to a circular economy. Under his leadership and his desire to challenge the status quo, Repurpose It has grown to over 160 employees across the group and is continually disrupting the industry with innovative technology that turns “untreatable waste” into quality usable products, as well as building a business that is sustainable from every aspect of its operations, from its contribution toward environment, material flows, end markets, its growth and leaving something for the next generation.

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by George Hatzimanolis

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