Jack Fitzgerald

SpecialityChief Technology Officer & Founder
Mr Jack Fitzgerald is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Think Fencing. Jack established Think Fencing at the age of 16 whilst attending high school. The idea was created when his mother’s horse ran through a plain wire fence and nothing was available in the market that could improve the visibility and safety of an existing fence. A product called WIA-COAT was created. From here, Jack developed many other fencing products. Think Fencing, under Jack’s leadership, is the leading industry partner collaborating with the CSIRO on a jointly funded project with Sustainability Victoria that is developing a new way of analysing and modifying polyvinyl chloride (PVC) recyclates, thus diverting them from landfill into new structural products. Jack and his wife, Nadene, have a young daughter called Airlie. Boating, aeroplane flying, cycling and fishing are some of Jack's hobbies.

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