Jeff Jones

SpecialityManager, Digital Innovation Hub, La Trobe University
Jeff Jones works at La Trobe University as Manager, Digital Innovation Hub and Director, Cisco innovation Central Melbourne within the Industry Engagement, Research & Innovation Precinct team. Before Jeff came to Australia to become Professor of Communication Design at QUT, Brisbane he was a software designer at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. After engaging in a few industry-university research projects he started a CRC; The Australasian CRC for interaction design (aka ACID - where eventually there were numerous digital innovation spin offs and a few industry awards. Post ACID, he became Professor of Interaction Design and started working on his own spin off, collaboration hub ( which morphed into Collective Social Intelligence ( when he teamed up with colleagues with similar interests and after he published his book. In CSI he brought digital innovation into 'experience centres' for higher education; he developed the Cube at QUT, the Red Zones at Griffith and Foys Arcade ( here in Melbourne. Jeff has worked across the spectrum of research to commercialisation many times and in a few countries: USA, Singapore, Japan, UK, Dubai, as well as Australia.]

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