Nanette Fitzgerald

SpecialityAssociate Deputy Secretary, Industry Development and Manufacturing Sovereignty
Nanette leads the development and implementation of policy, strategies and initiatives to drive industry development, participation and employment outcomes in Victoria. Her career in the public service has spanned many portfolios, and her achievements include delivering the government’s response to the closure of the automotive industry in Victoria, the implementation, delivery and compliance with the Local Jobs First and Fair jobs Code policies and the development of industry initiatives that help drive broader outcomes including investment, jobs, employment inclusion and trade outcomes. During 2020 Nanette headed up much of the government’s response work for COVID-19 with the oversight of ventilator and PPE manufacturing (non-health) for whole of government and supporting HealthShare Victoria and Department of Health. In 2021 Nanette was seconded to the Department of Premier and Cabinet as Executive Director Infrastructure, Planning and Major Projects for several months to oversee projects within the Big Build including Westgate Tunnel, North East Link and Melbourne Airport Rail. Before joining the department, Nanette held senior positions across environment and public land management agencies and led the response to a wide range of high-level stakeholder partnerships, strategy and policy work. Nanette over many years held senior positions across bushfire response and worked across key campaign fires including the 2009 Black Saturday fires and then subsequently on the Bushfire Royal Commission.

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