Tim Cara

SpecialityFounder, GeoWAN
Tim is an innovator, founder, and IoT entrepreneur focused on promoting sustainability. With a background in telecommunications, he has brought sustainable solutions to the industry, ensuring responsible use of resources. As a director of IoTSec Australia, Tim leverages technology for cyber safe practices and minimising the potential negative impact of IoT in Australia. His dedication to sustainability extends to advocating for the responsible use of resources and in business practices. Tim's contributions to sustainability, combined with expertise in IoT, inspire large organisations such as FedEx and Toyota to adopt a holistic and environmentally conscious approach to innovation. Working with the global environmental monitoring and advisory company biometrio.earth, provides the added benefits of carbon and biodiversity assessments. Focussed on supporting business, biometrio.earth Australian Director Dr Peter Moar, leads an Australian team with expertise in AI-based sensor technology from space borne and earth based systems. Addressing business needs for clear and accountable pathways to measured environmental practices.

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